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Tips for Mumbai Escort or Call Girls Customers First Timers!

Mumbai Escort

Though Mumbai itself is a city that is known for Bollywood, Sea, Jams and Local trains, yet there are a lot of unknown things that a person must explore when they visit or reside in Mumbai. The capital city of one of the biggest states of India, Mumbai Escort is known to host exciting nightlife and call girls that are bold with no known limits.

When some new comer or newbie tries their hands at some Mumbai escort agency like Girl Desi and pick up a pretty face, then there is hardly a moment they think of how they will behave when they meet the girl. Unlike assumed, here is a list of quickie tips that describe how Mumbai escorts are not what you have been thinking for long term:

  • Escorts don’t sell sex
  • They are offering themselves to you as a company
  • They don’t like to talk about sex and neither you should
  • Leave the money on table or somewhere in plain view
  • Ensure to take your ID with yourself in case the providers want to see it

Now here are some tips you need to keep handy and learn how to behave mature in front of escort and agencies:

Privacy and Verification with Mumbai Call Girls

You might have been thinking to use an anonymous call name and email account for the connection and using aliases to get anonymity but know one thing in advance that you will need to allow the Mumbai escort or call girls and the agency to verify who you are. If you behave strangely then you are posing yourself as an undercover cop or an undesirable client that can be charged higher or rejected by the escort itself. Show some courtesy and respect.

Instead of being unpleasant and charged more, ensure that you are worth relying and then she will be ready to offer best services at fewer expenses.

Tips for Mumbai Escort Etiquette

  • Learn how to discuss adult services, their slang and terminologies. Mumbai escorts have their own language
  • Escorts don’t sell sex and they are not happy to be asked directly on how much they charge to have sex!
  • They are clean, polite, beautiful and fun to be with while in company and they are ready to listen to your emotions and feelings as well.
  • If they are doubtful then they will ask you for verification. She is also risking a lot of her just like you and that’s why be open to showing and revealing ID else look for someone else for your companionship.
  • Make her feel comfortable, talk to her, share stories and you can also take them for a date or night out.
  • Do not get drunk or high on drugs before meeting them. Do not try to rip them off like desperate. Instead, be courteous and talk in a gentle way.
  • DO nothing that will make you to be counted on their bad client list. Simply put, have fun, think of, be cool and you are done!
  • Getting nicely dressed amplifies the chances of having intercourse as these girls are not prostitutes who are more into sex. They make sex only when they feel like.

Yes, they also don’t like to ask for money. Do it voluntarily.

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